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Sandra Manjie
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I'm Sandra and I am an African Millennial.

Millennial /miˈlenēəl/: (n). Though there are no precise dates when the generation starts and ends, researchers denote millennials as those who reached young adulthood around the year 2000; therefore those born in the early 1980s to the mid-nineties.

In simpler language, a millennial is anyone born in the '80s and '90s who knows what floppy disks, VHS tapes and walkmans are. Legit.

Most millennials are living in a world unlike that of their parents. It is rife with economic turmoil and political polarity; terrorism has sky rocketed and social inequalities are more blatant. In the same breath, we have witnessed and participated in technological advances that have propelled the efficiency of the work we do and have made the world much smaller than before. Millennials live in between the old(er) and new(er) world - we relish in the simplicity of our youth, when things were slower and direct, yet we crave the nontraditional and complex, wishing to participate in the adventures we so readily see shoved in our faces (or our multiple screens). We are walking contradictions.

I am a typical millennial, with the added complexity of being an African living in the United States of America. My dreams and experiences differ from most, and they affect the way I think and see the world. I want to be of the crowd yet apart from the crowd, and it is a challenge I welcome most of the time.

This blog was formed to harness my creativity always brewing at the surface, to explore my talents, feelings and thoughts. These are the things that this African Millennial cares about and will be discussing on this blog:

  • sharing the wonders and diversity of my country, Africa and her diaspora through the curation of culture achieved through my travels; educating the globe one person at a time.
  • education parity and access
  • entrepreneurship and business ventures
  • innovations in technology
  • documenting family (and national) history
  • individuality and self-acceptance
  • Love for literacy, reading and African(centric) literature.
  • creativity and the arts, particularly music and photography
  • job security & economic growth
  • acceptance and understanding of differences
  • beauty, fashion and style in all its eccentricity
  • developing communities, particularly my village(s)
  • terrorism on African soil
  • corruption
  • overall growth, life lessons and self-evolution.

The onus is on me to make sure I engage in these issues, in small or big ways, and be a part of the conversations. How else than to provide exposure and incite discussion through the written word?

Join me.



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