On the Massacre in a Charleston Church

I am in disbelief.

On Wednesday night, June 17, 2015, a deranged racist bigot - white - massacred nine innocent people - black - at a historically black church in Charleston, SC. One escapee in this terrorist attack informed the media, and I paraphrase, that the murderer told her that black people were taking over the country and they (we) pretty much needed to be stopped. Cue the twitter essays about how this crime may even minutely not be motivated by hate and bigotry, but was simply an attack on Christianity. What? The killer clearly enunciated his fear of black people and his position on white supremacy, and yet there are people still fiercely grasping at flimsy straws, so as not to admit and accept that we continue to live in a country in which racial hatred and division are bred, cultivated and allowed to foster.

Note to white people, far and wide: Racism exists, and it's more prevalent than you think.