Wrap Fever

Head wraps (or head ties as they are more commonly called in Cameroon) are nothing new for me -- they are a part of Cameroonian traditional outfits, usually worn during special occasions by young and old alike. I have always loved colour and aim to always portray effervescent sophistication in what I wear. However, it is a more recent phenomenon for me to wear them as part of my ordinary ensemble. I credit the addition of head wraps to my closet to my reinvigorated passion for where I come from, the openness to diversity and individualism  in New York City and as part of the constant exploration and renewal of my eclectic personal style.

This wrap is one of my favorites and it turns heads! The colours are striking, bright and vibrant. The gold detail throughout is EVERYTHING and brings a pop! to any outfit. Do you wear head wraps?

"Majik" Headwrap: Fanm Djanm