Hello, 28!

Last week was my birthday and although I opted for a pretty low-key day, it was one of my best ever because I dedicated the whole day to myself.

For most of the day, I occupied my time journaling, taking long walks, visualizing amid thoughts regarding past mistakes, long-time goals and figuring out how to improve — an exhausting, but much-needed and fulfilling exercise.

My introspection and reflections this time around filled me with hope, a sense of peace and a reminder to keep going, so I thought I’d share 4 important things I’ve learnt (and I am still learning) over the last 28 years. 

Love Yourself Fully. Flaws and all, I am amazing. I give so much to others, and I am learning to think about myself first. I have become better at it over the years and realized that the best way to help and serve others is to give of my best self. How can I be a light unto others if I am a shadow of myself? This year, I endeavor to continue working on my confidice, acknowledge my flaws but not be hindered by them and speak positivity into my life. 

Enjoy this Body While You Have It. Instead of spending my energy self-deprecating myself and worried that after all these years, my body is STILL not where I want it to be, based on some ideal perception, I have grown to appreciate it and really start to love it. However, as I enjoy it, I also want to make sure I am taking care of it also - drink more water, get more rest, exersive consistently, eat better etc.

Happiness is mine for the taking. It comes down to one simple fact: my happiness is my responsibility. I will always have moments when I interact with negative people, there will always be things that happen that make me angry or sad, but it is important to be present in your perspective and change it around when you start to feel like you are absorbing the negativity. They say change is constant, so instead of fighting against it as the solution to out happiness, let us embrace it - welcome it, even - and change our attitude.

Forgiveness is understated. I am an emotional person. All those things they say about Cancer babies have truth to them. Now, I am not a cry baby, but some things affect me more than the average person. When people let me down, I can actually feel my heart drop and heavy disappointment set in. I always thought I was quick to forgive, but I would realize how easily it would be for me to bring up past discretions. I know I didn't forget, but had I actually forgiven? Something I have learned and will continue to put into practice is making peace with situations. I will not allow bad feelings to fester within me and I will not take on another person's wrong-doing. It doesn't affect them, it affects me. So today, the tide changes!