Avocado Salad Bowl

I can't remember a time in which I ate as many salads and greens as I have within the last month. It's been less challenging to maintain since my sister is a health nut and she is literally my cook (love her!), but it is a habit I hope I can sustain when I leave.

Today's lunch was an avocado salad. Whenever I am lazy and don't want to experiment, this is my go-to salad. I can eat avocado with pretty much anything, and in a salad, I have found it to be a great substitute for chicken/salmon and/or croutons. It just adds a little body to the salad so I don't feel like a grazing cow.

Make it:

It is simple to put together: throw in as much lettuce as you want; add grape tomatoes; sprinkle a good dose of lemon juice; pour some olive oil; add black pepper and a little salt to taste.

Et, voila!