Miss B&J Afro Cuisine

There is no shortage of African restaurants in Chicago...featuring the more popular cuisines. Craving poulet yassa? There are plenty of Senegalese restaurants to choose from? Are you one of those strange people who likes injera? Ethiopian restaurants here, there and everywhere! Nigerian cuisine is very similar to Cameroon's, so I had always settled for the myriad of Nigerian restaurants around town whenever I had a craving. But when I learned that a new restaurant had come to town, and it was Cameroonian...I nearly died of happiness. I simply had to go.

My sister and I made the long trek up north to the edge of Chicago, about an hour's drive, in order to feast. 

Pro Tip: Order in advance because all food is made to order from scratch.

It took us a while to decide what we wanted because we kept going back and forth. We were so spoiled for choice with all the popular Cameroonian classic dishes. We called to tell them we were coming in for dinner and ordered our meals. It was a good thing we did that because the food was ready almost as soon as we arrived 45 minutes later!

Koki Beans and Plantain.


Fufu and Eru.


Ndole and Plantain.


We also tried the Porridge Yam, but I don't have a picture of it. 

The food was delicious. I mean, not as good as my grandma's cooking (nothing ever is - she's the best cook known to man), but amazing nonetheless. I would go back all the time if it were closer but I am so glad we (Cameroonians) finally have something in the vicinity.

Have you ever tried Cameroonian food? If so, what is your favorite dish?