Leather For The Pear-Shaped Woman

I love this leather skirt! But there were two fears I had to overcome while I styled it:

  1. Leather can be unflattering to women with curvy bodies.
  2. I am on the shorter side at 5'4" so midi skirts tend to shrink me even further.

Don't be afraid! 

Sometimes I shy away from leather, but I have become more bold in my fashion style and I am constantly figuring out how to pair separates to create a coherent outfit. Donning a heel - asymmetrical straps no less - adds the height I need, elongates my frame and adds a slimming definition to my calves and ankles.


 Embrace Your (Pear) Shape.

After countless Google searches, I believe I am closest to a pear shape. Knowing this has greatly helped when I shop and when I dress myself. In this particular case of choosing what type of leather skirt to buy and wear, here are a few tips.

  • Do get an A-line skirt. The flare is wonderful in order to balance out the wider hips and flatter full things.
  • Do wear a textured skirt, or in my case, a skirt with pleats. It will add dimension (and hide a less-than-flat tummy).
  • Don't shy away from other-colored leather. True, darker is better but you can pull off lighter colors too. However, it must be paired with a darker top. I did the opposite strategy here, but the main goal here is to pull the eye upward. It will highlight your shape too.
  • Don't choose a style of skirt that's overly voluminous. Make sure it has an overt waistband. If not, it will make your waistline and thighs appear larger than they are. 
  • Don't wear leather all over. This is unflattering on all shapes, but particularly on pear-shaped ladies. I was a little hesitant wearing my leather jacket, but it was cold  and I made sure not zip it up.

How do you wear your leather skirt(s)? 

Top: H&M (Similar)// Skirt: Nasty Gal// Shoes: Asos // Jacket: H&M